Biometric and Smartcard Components

SmartCards are extremely secure Mini-Computers. They are ideal as a safe, mobile memory for  the implementation of encryption operationsSmartCards are a secure memory safe for confidential data like: 

- Passwords- Confidential Informations like bank accounts etc.

- Private Keys- Private confidential informations like medical data.


Our Portfolio

Smartcard with CardOS von ATOS

CardOS V5 is a multifunctional smart card operating system for strict security requirements. CardOS V5 is compatible with the relevant international smart card standards and ensures a simple and efficient use in standardized environments and applications. Datasheet...


CardOS API is a product for sophisticated requirements.  CardOS API enables efficient user-friendly and simple implementation of smart cards for user authentication, data encryption and creation of digital signatures in a variety of application scenarios, like system login, web authentication, or secure email. Datasheet...



SafeNet eToken 5110

SafeNet eToken 5110 offers two-factor authentication for secure remote and network access, as well as certificate-based support for advanced security applications, including digital signature and pre-boot authentication. Datasheet...


SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC)

SafeNet Authentication Client is a unified middleware client that manages SafeNet’s extensive portfolio of certificate-based authenticators, including eToken and iKey smart card, USB and software-based devices. Offering full backward compatibility and incorporating features from previous middleware versions, SafeNet Authentication Client ensures complete support for all currently deployed eToken and iKey devices. SafeNet Authentication Client links applications to SafeNet’s certificate-based software and hardware authenticators, providing full local administration and support for multiple advanced security applications such as digital signing, pre-boot authentication and disk encryption. With SafeNet Authentication Client, private keys can be generated and stored on-board highly secure smart card-based authenticators allowing users to securely carry all their digital credentials wherever they go. Datasheet...


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