Biometric and Smartcard Components

Biometrics is the science of measuring physical properties of living beings.  By measuring an individual's suitable behavioral and biological characteristics in a recognition inquiry and comparing these data with the biometric reference data which had been stored during a learning procedure, the identity of a specific user is determined. 

Our Products 


SecuGen Hamster Pro 20  

The Hamster Pro 20 (HU20™) from SecuGen is a stand-alone fingerprint reader. It uses a patented fingerprint biometric technology which combines extraordinary image quality for dry, normal, and moist finger conditions with mechanical and electrical robustness. It can easily be connected to any USB port and is one of the fastest devices available. Besides desktop applications, the Hamster Pro 20 is also suited to multiuser environments. For integrating this sensor device into your application, we recommend our BioIDENTICA SDK which guarantees highest recognition performance and interoperability with the most important sensors on the market. The Hamster Pro is an ideal replacement for Hamster Plus


  Cherry FingerTIP ID Mouse M-4230 / M-4233

This ID Mouse enables a new dimension of security and usability in biometric applications. Besides superior mouse functions such as high resolution pointer and optimized ergonomics, this device may not only be used in standard PC-based biometric authentication. Rather, for convenience applications an embedded biometrics engine even allows fingerprint verification without processing and storing biometric data on the PC. The M-4230 is the successor of the M-4200 and is based on a new µC. It is compatible under most applications.


Cherry Mouse MC 4900 

Easy logon and authentication by fingerprint The integrated FingerTip sensor means the CHERRY MC 4900 wired mouse stands for easy logon. 

Fast and secure user authentication by means of your own fingerprint.



 Crossmatch EikonTouch™ 710

The fingerprint reader EikonTouch™ 710 from Crossmatch (formerly Upek / AuthenTec / DigitalPersona) is especially adapted to applications which require FIPS 201 compliance. It is equipped with multiple LEDs to inform the user about device and capture status. For special demands, the EikonTouch™ 710 is able to encrypt fingerprint transmission. The EikonTouch™ 710 is supported by BioIDENTICA SDK as of version Since version, user feedback functions and USB encryption are made available to software integrators.


 EikonTouch™ 300

The fingerprint reader EikonTouch™ 300 from DigitalPersona (formerly Upek and AuthenTec) is the elegant successor of the established TouchChip® Reader TCRU2. By an additional sensor surface coating (SteelCoat), an electrical and mechanical robustness has been achieved which is unparalleled so far for silicon sensors. This especially qualifies the EikonTouch 300 for multi-user applications. At the same time, the sensor's protection against latent print attacks has been improved significantly. This allows an operation even without software-based latent-print rejection, thus considerably decreasing the False Rejection Rate. The EikonTouch™ 300 is equipped with several LEDs for user feedback. For special demands, the EikonTouch™ 300 is able to encrypt fingerprint transmission. The EikonTouch™ 300 is compatible to its predecessors under BioIDENTICA SDK as of version Since version, user feedback functions and USB encryption are made available to software integrators.

U.are.U®  4500

The fingerprint reader U.are.U® 4500 from Crossmatch (formerly DigitalPersona) is characterized by an appealing elegant and flat design. Its optical sensor is equipped with a special coating which guarantees an optimal image quality and enables high recognition rates for the whole range of finger conditions from dry to wet. Together with Bromba's BioIDENTICA SDK as of version the U.are.U® 4500 is fully compatible to all capacitive stripe and area sensors from DigitalPersona, which have been acquired from Upek resp. AuthenTec.


  Livescanner L SCAN ® 500 und L SCAN ® 1000

The Crossmatch™ L Scan palm scanner line addresses the need for compact, high resolution, rapid capture livescan systems for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment. L Scan palm scanners are fully compliant with the FBI NGI standards and easily acquire upper, lower and writer’s palms, flats and rolls. Incorporating proprietary FlexFlat and FlexRoll features, fingerprint images are captured regardless of positioning on the platen. Patented Auto Capture functionality ensures rapid capture of high quality images for error-free biometric data collection — eliminating the guesswork and range of possible reprint issues.



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